You are more of a nature type and enjoy hiking and enjoying nature ? Then Romania is just right for you!

The University of Cluj-Napoca is located in the north-west of the country surrounded by mountains and valleys. Also trips to Hungary and the Black Sea is a must.

At the University of Cluj-Napoca, students can complete both practical semesters and theses in the versatile fields of robotics and product life cycle management.

What is special about the University of Cluj-Napoca is that Prof. Dr. Niemann was appointed Honorary Professor here and is therefore allowed to teach at this university.


  • Romania spreads on an area of 238.297 km2
  • 19.52 mio inhabitants 
  •  capital city: Bukarest
  •  total costs: 5.000- 6.000€ (6 months)

Weitere Informationen finden Sie in folgendem Dokument:

Länderbericht Rumänien