(04/2019 – 04/2022)

1.125 Mio €The general aim is to raise awareness of cross-border entrepreneurship among students at an early stage. Specifically, entrepreneurial activities of student teams are to be promoted in a targeted manner so that companies can grow out of them.Netherlands and Germany


(10/2017 – 04/2021)

992.525 €Establishment of Competence-Centers for automotive technology and sales management to increase the positive impact on regional economic development in Argentina, Brazil and MexicoAustria, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Germany


(10/2019 – 02/2022)

  299.222 €

Aim of the Project is the development of

  • Skillset for an electric powertrain engineer
  • Teaching material
  • Ein europaweites Zertifikat für Elektroantriebsingenieure in Zusammenarbeit mit ECQA und basierend auf
    ECTS- und ECVET-Schemas
Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria and Germany


(10/2017 – 10/2019)

  228.042 €ELIC aims to improve the engineering skills of secondary school students in order to increase their interest in technical occupations. Newly developed teaching materials provide science teachers with examples and experiments that they can use directly in class. Österreich, Tschechien, Italien und Deutschland