NEW !! Think Big! Starting with the WS2020/-21 the FLiX also offers a stay abroad in the USA. To be more precise, at the University of Maryland near Washington.

The location is ideal for any activity. Ski resorts, mountains and 2 oceans are available.

The University of Maryland (UMCP) is known aswell for its football- and baseball teams. In addition, the university is among the top 10 universities in the country in the field of "Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education". 

At the UMCP, among other things, final theses and practical semesters can be completed. The topics here are based on current UMCP research topics.

  • America spreads on an area of 9.8 mio. km²2
  • inhabitants: 327.2 mio.
  • capital city: Washington D.C.
  • requires a visa
  • scholarship possible
  • total costs: 5.000-10.000€ (6 months)
  • 2-4 open positions